Frequently Asked Questions

My pick up point is out of Chania city center.

When your pick up point is on the way for your destination there is no extra cost. If it is the opposite way there will be a small extra fee depending on the kilometer distance.

What information do I need in order to book a transfer/trip ?

Your full name

Mobile phone number – This is really useful if we need to contact with you once your journey has begun or during your stay.

Desired departure time from the accommodation address

Accommodation address – For any resort of stay there may be more than one hotel, apartment complex or villa with the same name. For the villas we need the website of it and the mobile phone number of the owner in order to give us accurate information about the location as many of the villas are in remote areas. In order to avoid the confusion we need full information about the resort of stay.

Arrival time and flight number – We constantly monitor flight arrival times for possible delays.

Total number of passengers – Make sure you include infants and children in the total number of passengers.

How I will recognize my driver ?

In your pick up point (hotel/airport terminal) you will see the driver holding a sign with our travel agency’s name (LaCanea Travel). If you have any difficulty just call in the emergency mobile number for help.

What happens when the vehicle is different?

Sometimes there are delays because of a flight delay or a traffic jam. The results of these delays is us picking you up with a different vehicle.

Is it possible to ask something different form the usual trips?

Of course you can ask us through email and we will provide you with any information you may need.

In which cases I have to pay extra fees?

When you ask for an/a escort/office guide you will be charged with an extra fee.
You will also have an extra fee if you want to change the program of the trip.

How can I pay for my trip?

You can pay the driver in the end of the trip/transfer.

What happens if my flight is delayed ?

You will not be charged with extra fees. If your flight changes just sent us an email with the updated information.

What happens if i leave something in the vehicle?

The driver will find the item, return it to the office and then we will contact you
to retrieve the item.

What if Im not right on time in the point of our metting?

The driver will be waiting for 5 minutes more. After this time period the driver will be leaving. At this point the office has no responsibility for not carrying the customer and is not obliged to return any money back.

In which way I will recognice your company's vehicle?

In front of our vehicle we have a sign with the logo of our company (LaCanea Travel) and the driver will have your personal information.

What is an escort and what is a official certified guide?

Escort is the person who is coming with you in the trip and he will give you all the information you may need, but he doesn’t have the right to enter in museums or any archeological site.

The official certified guide has the right to enter any museum or archeological site and provide you with all the information about the site you may visit.